About Us – J&O Natural Beef

We are Jim and Oneta Capps of Shawnee, Oklahoma.  We grew up in the McLoud area and have lived in this area most of our adult lives.  Jim gained his knowledge of cattle from his childhood experiences on the family farm.  He was instrumental in feeding out hundreds of cattle with his dad.  He also had his own FFA natural beef projects.

Family is very important to us. We have a married son and daughter who have given us seven wonderful grandchildren.  Wanting our family to be healthy, we have become deeply concerned. With this in mind we are firm believers that God created and provided the animals for us and that they should be treated and raised in the natural environment that He intended. Not to be raised in feed lots with hundreds even thousand of other cattle making them subject to every type of disease.

For further information, please call Jim Capps at 405- 990-4901 or Oneta Capps at 405-990-8969