About Our All Natural Beef

Buy All Natural Grass Fed Oklahoma Beef

Our Black Angus calves are being pastured on hybrid Bermuda grass and fed a grain ration for 100-120 days on our property along the North Canadian River.  Our all natural beef will process out at a hanging weight of approximately 400-500 pounds for a whole, and a hanging weight of approximately 200-250 pounds for a half.

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If you would like to purchase a whole, half, or quarter beef give us a call and we will schedule one for you.  Your beef will be custom cut and packaged according to the way you want it.

Our calves do not receive any additives, antibiotics, growth hormones, or animal by-products.  If a calf becomes ill, we treat him; but he will be removed from the all-natural program and sold at market as conventional beef.

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A 5 cu. ft. home freezer will hold 1/2 beef and will last the average family of four approximately six months.

Our processing is done in health department inspected and approved facilities.  A small deposit is required to hold your beef order.  If you wish to pay as you go and avoid so much at once, you may do so.  All monies will be held in escrow.  We will notify you of the hanging weight of your beef order and take your customized order.  Full payment is required at that time.

by Bob Janeway via google 2012-06-06
I was skeptical that grass fed beef was better than the beef I was buying in the store until I charcoiled my first steaks from J&O. I was made a believer and find that the beef is consistently more tender and better flavored than the beef I purchase at the store.